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Paul De Sousa joins Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson

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Is this the man who will bring Bitcoin to the world?

We agreed to do this interview by a video call and Paul shows up clean shaven and fresh, with his hair neatly brushed back wearing an grey T-shirt with the iCoinPRO logo across the top.

“We were not going to video this.” I offered – worried he was expecting to film it and there I was with my hair tied back, no make up and wearing a sweatshirt.

“Oh, I know!” he grins “I have a webinar in a couple of hours so I just got ready for it.”

I sigh my relief silently and get right to it.

“Ok so why iCoinPRO?”

Without hesitation and with utter conviction he replies “Because it’s needed.”

I can tell he is serious.

“When people start understanding bitcoin, it makes them question money as a whole. I believe that people around the world are not educated properly on the topic of money. I believe that people need to know the truth.”

“The truth?” I ask.

“Yeah. I was pretty young at the time, but I’m willing to bet there wasn’t a major announcement to the world when the gold standard was dropped. There are still people that believe that money is tied to precious metals, the reality is that when the gold standard was dropped, banks were pretty much given free rein to print as much money as they wanted to and this is having a very bad effect on world wide economies. People need to know the truth.”

“And bitcoin will help them understand?”

“In a way yes, at iCoinPRO, we teach people about bitcoin, but we first teach them about the history of money, how we came to use money today, what money used to be and what it now actually is. We also teach them about the fake value of money and we inform people of the truths surrounding money before we get into teaching them about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It’s pretty much the foundation – in order for people to understand bitcoin, we need to bridge the gap so that people can understand WHY bitcoin exists.”

“And why does bitcoin exist?”

“Because bitcoin addresses 99% of the problems we face today that the powers behind the current monetary system willingly or unwillingly created.
We vote people into power who then turn around, abuse their power and make decisions that keep the poor poorer and the rich richer. I want to let the whole world know about some of the things that our own governments are responsible for.”

He speaks without faltering and is clearly a man on a mission. the smile gone now replaced with a stern look and for a second he looks a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders. The smile and twinkly eyes return.

“Ok. And beyond that what else can people learn at iCoinPRO?”
“We teach them the basics, how to create a wallet, how to buy their first bitcoin to more advanced things like protecting your private keys, security, cryptography and for people who want to learn how to make money from bitcoin there are several modules on things like investing and trading.”

“Trading? People make money by trading bitcoin?”

“Yes – there are quite a few people in our private Facebook group that make anywhere between 1 and 3% returns from their trades daily – some people can make a full time living doing it and we’ve had quite a few forex traders who have migrated to trading cryptocurrencies as it’s much more lucrative!”

His eyes twinkle as he speaks, Paul’s enthusiasm and passion for this subject is contagious – you can’t but help get excited about it.

“Can’t this information be found online?”

“There is so much information out there but there aren’t any proper educational websites and the websites out there are extremely technical and get into a lot of the technicalities of the bitcoin protocol – things most people do not need to learn about. We have put together the most important things that people need to know about bitcoin to prevent information overload.”
“What’s your long term vision for iCoinPRO?”

Paul’s eyes drift away for a second, it’s as though he is looking at something and visualizing it as he starts nodding his head slowly as if in agreement with himself.

“I want to touch a million lives. I want to teach 1 million people about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I want to positively change 1 million people’s lives from all 4 corners of this planet. And we are already well on the way to achieving that.  In our first 35 days we took on 10,000 new members looking to learn about bitcoin and because we pay our affiliates in bitcoin.  To be honest, it’s a double edged sword – people who have never made a penny online are now not only making money but they get paid in bitcoin too. It’s incredible really. By implementing an affiliate type compensation plan, we allow people to get paid to spread the word – people are naturally going to tell their friends and family about bitcoin and iCoinPRO so it’s only fair to offer affiliates a commission when their friends and family sign up too.”

“Ok last question – why does bitcoin make sense to you?”

“It didn’t always make sense to me, I used to think it was some weird scam. It was only when I watched several interviews with Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson and finding out that they were big fans and investors of bitcoin did I start to take serious interest. If they were investing it then I was going to join them and invest in it too.”

Paul De Sousa is the Founder and CEO of iCoinPRO, an educational and training company focusing on educating the every day man about the benefits of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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