What is a Crypto Day Trader?

What is a Crypto Day Trader?

Crypto Day Traders only trade during one single day and close out all their positions before they sign off for the day.

Their charts are set to one to five to thirty minute intervals.

Day trading is probably the most exciting part of playing the crypto market. Even though it sounds like you have to sit in front of your charts from early morning until late at night, in reality, you can work the hours that you please and still have time for you and your family. But if you truly love it, you definitely can enjoy a full day of trading.

The saying goes – ‘Successful day traders are out before lunch, the ones recovering their losses sit until the the closing bell.’

To be a full time crypto day trader, it is highly recommended you take my course before committing to this career path.

Although, if you want your money to work for you, I believe everyone needs to empower themselves with education!


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