Best cryptocurrency under a dollar

Best cryptocurrency under $1

When you want to invest a small amount in cryptocurrencies the first thing you look for is the cost of a coin, when you see its less such as 0.0001 $ or 0.001 $, you start investing in it.

But that shouldn’t be your choice of flow, never buy coins like this as you may end up with selling them at a much lower price than you bought them at.’
Firstly when you want to buy cryptocurrency, the thing you need to do is research. Talk to everyone, discuss, take their advice but the decision must be YOURS. Join Online communities, participate in discussions, slowly you will get used to their terms.

But for beginners we searched a few Best cryptocurrency under $1, they are:
Stellar (XLM)
MaidSafe Coin (MAID)

We suggest you before going ahead and buying any coins, learn the concept of Market Capitalization.
You can buy a coin that is 0.001 or even 1000 $ but the future of it depends on the market capitalization.
Before you buy calculate it.
Let us suppose that a coin was worth 1000$ and there are 100000 coins of it in circulation then the Market Capitalization value of that coin would be the product of the value of coin and the number of coins in circulation.
The market capitalization of that coin = price of coin x number of coins in circulation ( or circulating supply)
In this case, it would be

The market capitalization of that coin= 1000 x 100000=100000000 $

So always consider the value of one coin now, the number of coins that are in circulation and the market capitalization before making any decision as to buy the coin or not.
You might even want to consider Penny Altcoins that are at low market capitalization now. But are expected to grow in the future.

Raven coin (RVN):

Out of all penny altcoins, this is the one people have high expectations on.
There are many giants who have invested in this one of them is Overstock CEO.
Know more about them at their website:

Opacity (OPQ):

It is one of the high potential ones. This is basically related to internet advertising and very simple to use and highly helpful for content writers, website blog holders.
Check it:

Syscoins (SYS):

If you are a business builder then you might want to check out their project as well.
They have space where you can build a high-end project from scratch, sell products.
Check their site:

Ardor (ARDR):

This is quite technical which makes the entry into quite difficult for people. They provide ways by which you can implement block chain specific to your business.
This is definitely the one you might want to check out and keep in touch with:

Substratum (SUB):

They have computers that can be rented to host any service.
Check it out here:

Electroneum, Zilliqua, are other few you can give a read upon.
We or any other person or only here to suggest you, But research on the coins even further and make your decision.

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