Best Android Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin was introduced eight years ago and started out without possessing any monetary value. After going through highs and lows in the market, bitcoin emerged as a winner with every coin now valued at $4500 at the time I’m writing this article. Your investments are important, hence, listed here are the best android bitcoin wallet options to choose from.

Coinbase Is Not a Wallet Option

Despite being the most popular US-based digital currency exchange, Coinbase doesn’t pass as a Bitcoin wallet. It is just an exchange that allows people to hold bitcoins.

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase’s CEO, stated that they are making the shift from being an exchange/wallet hybrid to being an institutional and retail exchange.

You can get bitcoins from Coinbase at low prices, but don’t get it as a wallet option. It will not give you protection. It doesn’t have the means to make your private keys accessible to you.

The Best Options

  • MyCelium – Deemed as the most popular choice today, MyCelium comes with a host of privacy and security features. The only downside is it is a bit complicated for a newbie to use. But no one can deny that the app is safe and fast. This is an open software source program, so expect constant upgrades once you start using it.
  • Bitcoin Checker – Also popular, the Checker app is well-loved for its simplistic UI and that simplicity translates to an ability to provide to huge amounts of information to the use. Another advantage for you is that it is applicable to other coins such as Doge and other more obscure coins. With this you can have multiple accounts controlled by a single app.
  • – This one comes with features that can probably make your life a lot easier. You can check your balance and make transfer fund transactions. You can also make payments using it. There are shopping options that you can use, or find stores and banks with this app.
  • BreadWallet – Perhaps the simplest bitcoin wallet in existence, this app is so easy to use. There are only two options – the send and receive options. The minor issue with this one that it comes with an open source code, which means it doesn’t any advanced protective system in place. This wallet is compatible only with iOS and android systems.
  • Jaxx – This wallet is relatively new, so the advice for users is to not to put large amounts of bitcoins in it. But it does come with great advantages.

First, it comes with an intuitive interface. Also, it can be used across multiple devices simultaneously. That means you can transact via your desktop or your mobile phones. It also can be used for different currencies (Litecoin, Ethereum, and others).

  • Airbitz – This is another open source type. Being simple to use, you can compare this with the BreadWallet. The wallet is primarily for bitcoin usage. For example, it can give you different merchants that accept bitcoin transactions and places to buy gift cards with bitcoin. It’s rather helpful when you are trying to find and buy discounted items with your bitcoin.

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